What should you try on French Antilles

Local cuisine in Martinique and Guadeloupe is a rich mélange of West African, French, Indigenous, and South Asian flavours, foodstuffs, and cooking styles. As we were for long time on the islands, we have tried the following: 


  • Pâtés Créoles is puff pastry filled with spicy pulled pork, a great snack on the go.
  • Accra became our favorite appetizer. This Carribean fritter is made with salt fish or shrimps. 
  • Boudin is a sausage stuffed with pork, liver, rice, and a host of aromatics and spices. I didn’t like its taste much as it reminded me of the German blood sausage.
  • Le Matoutou de Crabe is a delicious starter made of crab meat with spices.
  • Le Féroce d’Avocat is another typical starter made with salt cod, avocado, cassava and a lot of spices.
French Antilles local food
French Antilles local food
French Antilles local food

Main dishes

  • Dorade grilée is grilled sea bream (which is probably typical for all countries which have access to the ocean)
  • Chicken Colombo is Indian-style spiced chicken served with local vegetables.
  • Christophine (Chayote) au Gratin tastes somewhat like a meat and cheese quiche but without the crust. It’s usually made with ham, cheese and chayote (local plant) and served in the chayote shell.
  • Lobster… doesn’t need introduction!
French Antilles local food
French Antilles local food
French Antilles local food


  • Blanc Manger au Coco – this pudding-like super-sweet dessert is made of sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, gelatin, cinnamon, vanilla and lime. 
  • Cassava (manioc) ice cream is also something you can try on the Antilles. I liked its decent, raw taste.
  • The coconut ice cream from Paradis Glaces is delicious! You can find it in three different forms: in a paper cup (2,3€), on a stick and in a plastic bag (60 Cents) in almost any local supermarket. I liked the last option the most as it was more watery than the others two, with frozen coconut milk flakes.
Blanc Manger au Coco
Manioc ice cream
Coconut ice cream


  • Coco punch and ti punch (local alcohol cocktails) tried my husband and reported a sweet fruity taste. 
  • Rum from the local distilleries (tasting is usually for free)
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