Georgia: getting around.

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Almost nine months passed after our Georgian trip, several other beautiful and exceptional countries visited; however, Georgia stays one of my absolute favorites in my whole travelling history. When people ask me the “why” question, I can immediately think (and dive into the pleasant memories) about breathtaking intact nature, rich culture, over-delicious food and wine, fairness and hospitality of the [...]

Colmar: immensely beautiful

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Very often, when you are looking through the photos of a place you want to visit, they appear a bit brighter than the place itself when you finally there. Photographers use filters and sophisticated means to make their works if not a piece of art but at least simply look better. I cannot argue, their works are catchy, but sometimes [...]

15 tips about Malta

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Already during the trip we agreed that we loved Malta. It was a four-day trip with a group of friends and this island (more exactly, three islands if you count Gozo and Camino), fit perfect for our mission: drive all around, have fun, chill on the beach, eat, drink, no drama. And here are my tips what to do in [...]