French Antilles local food

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What should you try on French Antilles Local cuisine in Martinique and Guadeloupe is a rich mélange of West African, French, Indigenous, and South Asian flavours, foodstuffs, and cooking styles. As we were for long time on the islands, we have tried the following:  Starters Pâtés Créoles is puff pastry filled with spicy pulled pork, a [...]

Road trip through France: part 2

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... the first part about our road trip through France you can read here: LINK. Le Mont-Saint-Michel Probably, this tidal island in Normandy is one of the most well-known landmarks in France. Earlier, this was a monastery, a wealthy and influential abbey with impressive fortifications. It turned to prison after the French Revolution. Now, after extensive restoration, after [...]

Road trip through France: part 1

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Road trip through France During our campervan trip in the end of August - beginning of September 2020 we had two weeks to explore the central France and it's West coast. Le Mont-Saint-Michel and Étretat were on my bucket list for years by then. Those two destination points were fix on our plan. Other than that, the route [...]

Living on a boat

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When we arrived in Sainte-Anne, Martinique, we noticed many boats standing in the bay. Back then we idly wondered, if the beaches were so nice in Sainte-Anne (yes, they are) that so many boats came to visit them. On the next day, at 7 am on the beach (thanks, Mia, for daily early morning wakeup [...]

A three-day road trip through the South of France

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The idea of visiting the South of France together was ripening in our heads since very long time. The current route came into realization when we found a great deal at a car rent agency (yes, yes, so pragmatic) letting us taking a three-days one-way drive from Nice to Toulouse. At the beach in Nice […]

Colmar: immensely beautiful

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Very often, when you are looking through the photos of a place you want to visit, they appear a bit brighter than the place itself when you finally there. Photographers use filters and sophisticated means to make their works if not a piece of art but at least simply look better. I cannot argue, their works are catchy, but sometimes [...]

Paris, Paris… Cliché and hidden gems.

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Third time in Paris. Almost all cliché highlights already seen. Several to be visited again: you can’t just avoid it – being in Paris and not seeing the Notre Dame de Paris or Eiffel tower. To climb it or not is another question. In addition to these overwhelming-touristy must-see places we included couple of “hidden gems” in our list and [...]