Four gems of Slovenia

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We have been on a trip through Austria, Croatia and Slovenia more than 2,5 days ago, but somehow I managed to write only one post about that trip: link. However, in my opinion, some places in Slovenia cannot be left out when you are planning your trip to that region; here are they: Ljubljana Ljubljana is the largest [...]

Exploring Moldova and Transdnistria

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Why Moldova? In September 2019 we spent three or four days in Moldova followed by three days in Odessa, Ukraine. Why Moldova? We are big fans of the off-the-beaten-track destinations and Moldova is a relatively remote country in the middle of Europe very much neglected by the tourists. Besides, it has a growing wine-tourism industry and those who know [...]

Uzbekistan: a short summary for your trip

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Our “babymoon” destination this autumn was Uzbekistan, rather an unexpected choice for expecting parents, but as we were dreaming of going to the Central Asia since quite a long time, we decided to turn our wishes into reality without further delay and had a wonderful trip for the two of us. Luckily, I tolerated the [...]

Exploring Uzbekistan: Bukhara

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Bukhara is another jem which you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Uzbekistan. It is only 1,5 hours away from Samarkand and its international airport offers many options for you flying in or out of the country. We flew from Bukhara (over Moscow) back to Berlin.  Bukhara embraces about 140 architectural monuments and its historic center was [...]