Exploring French Antilles

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Introduction After our campervan trip through France with our 7-months-old daughter, we spent six weeks on French Antilles (Martinique and Guadeloupe). This counted as our big parental leave adventure (initially, we were dreaming of a road trip through the USA, but the situation with corona has changed our plans). If you want to know more about exotic overseas [...]

French Antilles: Guadeloupe beaches

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Guadeloupe beaches We spent a bit more than two weeks on Guadeloupe and have visited 14 beaches. Obviously, our motto was “new day - new beach”! Beware: this post, last in the French Antilles series, contains a lot of blue and green colors! With its form Guadeloupe reminds me of a flying butterfly, so I will differentiate between [...]

French Antilles: Exploring Guadeloupe

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The second (the third and the forth) island we visited on our French Antilles trip was Guadeloupe (Les Saintes and Marie-Galante, both belong to Guadeloupe). Les Saintes We planned 1,5 days (two nights) for the Les Saintes island group. There, we stayed on the Terre-du-Haut island. There, one full day I spent in bed, [...]