Mysterious Myanmar. Part 1: Yangon

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After Singapore, our destination point was Myanmar. To be honest, we were mostly excited about this country on our list. The reason for that was Myanmar’s inscrutability. This country was opened for tourists only about six years ago and there was a big possibility that it kept its authenticity to a higher degree than other South-East-Asian countries. In [...]

Long weekend away: from Georgia to Armenia. Part 2: Armenia

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To get to Armenia from Signaghi, we took a marshrutka from Signaghi to Tiflis and then a minivan to Yerevan. We jumped off the car in Sevan and took a taxi to our hotel, Noy Land Resort. Here we were rewarded with great service for small money: the rooms are big and nicely furnished, the restaurant is open until [...]

Long weekend away: from Georgia to Armenia. Part 1: Georgia

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Long weekend away: from Georgia to Armenia. Part 1: Georgia Georgia for me is delicious cuisine, savory wine (my absolute favorite is Kindzamarauli), cozy architecture and extremely friendly people. Already after our first trip to Georgia, we unequivocally decided that we will come back to Georgia again. This time we had only couple of days [...]