Tunisia during off-season: Sidi Bou Said and Carthage

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Sidi Bou Said From the place we stayed in La Marsa, Tunisia, we walked to Sidi Bou Said. The visit to this dreamy white-blue city with a sea view filled my heart with joy. After being there, I don’t need to go to the famous Santorini anymore. You will not miss the main shopping street, Rue Habib Thameur. [...]

Tunisia during off-season: Djerba

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We booked our Tunisian holidays in order to get rid of my „rest-vacation-days“ from the last year. The destination has been chosen according to the flight time (not longer than 4 hours from Berlin and from Paris as we were visiting a friend the weekend before the planned departure), ticket costs, temperatures higher than in Berlin and vague remarks [...]

San Blas paradise

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One of the reasons why we flew to Columbia over Panama was that eight years ago on his world trip Matthias spent some wonderful time on the San Blas islands and since we started travelling together, he wanted to show me this paradise on Earth. About San Blas Actually, the modern name of San Blas is Guna [...]