Colombia: Manizales

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Getting to Manizales from Jardín  The next stop on our trip to Salento should have been Manizales. Unfortunately, we realized that there was only one direct bus to Manizales from Jardín which leaves at 6:20 in the morning and costs 40000 peso pp. We preferred to stay in Jardin for half a day more (otherwise we hadn’t had [...]

Colombia: Guatapé and La Piedra

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Guatapé is a great idea for a day-trip from Medellin. Buses run every 30 minutes from Medellin to Guatapé from the Terminal del Norte (to get there by taxi costs about 9000 peso). You can choose between two bus services, Sotrasanvicente (counter 14) or Sotrapeñol (counter 9). A one-way ticket costs about 15000 peso pp. La Piedra de [...]

Colombia: Medellin

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Medellin We have flown from Santa Marta to Medellin with Viva Columbia. Be careful with checking your luggage allowance: your hand luggage has to be of a limited size and about 8 kg.  From the Medellin airport a bus to the city costs 10000 peso pp and takes about 1 hour. Before the trip, I didn’t [...]

Colombia: Minca

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Minca At our hostel at Costeño Beach we made a deal that although we didn’t spend another night there, we were allowed to use the facilities and take a shower, which was a blessing after the exhausting hike. Then, we headed to Minca. A taxi from Santa Marta to Minca costs 40000 peso (the first two drivers wanted [...]

Costeño Beach and Tayrona National Park

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Costeño Beach From Santa Marta we went to Playa Costeño with a bus (6000 peso pp, one hour ride). You will be dropped at the intersection of the main road and a narrow dusty road going to the beach. There you will be most probably greeted by the mototaxis and you’d rather take one of them: the walk [...]