Long weekend away: from Georgia to Armenia. Part 1: Georgia

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Long weekend away: from Georgia to Armenia. Part 1: Georgia Georgia for me is delicious cuisine, savory wine (my absolute favorite is Kindzamarauli), cozy architecture and extremely friendly people. Already after our first trip to Georgia, we unequivocally decided that we will come back to Georgia again. This time we had only couple of days [...]

Georgia: getting around.

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Almost nine months passed after our Georgian trip, several other beautiful and exceptional countries visited; however, Georgia stays one of my absolute favorites in my whole travelling history. When people ask me the “why” question, I can immediately think (and dive into the pleasant memories) about breathtaking intact nature, rich culture, over-delicious food and wine, fairness and hospitality of the [...]

Georgia: a song about food.

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Indeed! It’s so much about the food here. Having a hasteless dinner with a bottle of wine, enjoying incredible meal, listening to live music, getting to know people at the neighbor table – priceless! And so affordable – Oh My Goodness! So affordable, that we managed going out every single night to a good restaurant, ordering whatever we like and [...]