Two weeks in Sri Lanka: a dream trip. Part 2: Mirissa, Tangalle and Nilaveli beaches

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Wikipedia says that there are about 22 beaches in Sri Lanka. While we were planning our trip, we had hard times choosing the ones we would like to visit or to stay at longer. The reason for that is that the beaches in Sri Lanka are beautiful and attractive in different ways. In total, we’ve been to five beaches [...]

Two weeks on Sri Lanka: a dream trip. Part 1: from Colombo to Galle

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Already on Sri Lanka, I was told that this country is smaller than Bavaria. Could you imagine spending two weeks of your vacation in Bavaria? I honestly couldn’t. But spending two or even four (cheers to Cedrik!) weeks on Sri Lanka – it can’t be easier! Sri Lanka is so diverse and beautiful that we felt that 13 days [...]

Visiting our sponsoring child on Sri Lanka

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Few people know that Matthias and I have so called “sponsored” children abroad. The whole story started four years ago in Alexandria, where we were aghast by the child poverty: little children, disheveled and hungry, didn’t let go of us on the streets. There, shocked and bitter, we decided to find a way to help the children, to give [...]