Mysterious Myanmar. Part 4: Mandalay

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Our last stop in Myanmar was Mandalay. Actually, I’ve heard this name before, during my school years, even before we learned about the contry called Myanmar in geography lessons, from the song of Robbie Williams. No need to say that I was singing this song in my head the whole time we were on the “Road to Mandalay”… [...]

Mysterious Myanmar. Part 2: The Dalla Village Scam

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Probably, this part will be the most exciting one in the whole Myanmar series, because, really, how often do you in you travels fall for scam? This was my very first serious one: we naively got caught but luckily escaped in time. However, one piece at a time – I will start from the beginning. In Myanmar [...]

Mysterious Myanmar. Part 1: Yangon

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After Singapore, our destination point was Myanmar. To be honest, we were mostly excited about this country on our list. The reason for that was Myanmar’s inscrutability. This country was opened for tourists only about six years ago and there was a big possibility that it kept its authenticity to a higher degree than other South-East-Asian countries. In [...]