Surreal Deadvlei: the frozen forest

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The absolute highlight of our Namibian journey, the famous Dune 45, Deadvlei and Sossuvlei are all situated in the Namib Naukluft National Park ( Dune 45 We spent the night before at a lounge about two-hour drive from the entrance to the park and therefore arrived at the Dune 45 at around 10 am despite of the [...]

Berlin foodie: Five Elephant. Mitte

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The cafe & bakery FIVE ELEPHANT. in Mitte (literally translated as "the middle" and in fact one of the most central areas of Berlin) was my second Five Elephant. visit. Another cafe of this brand in Berlin is located in Kreuzberg. I also was surprised to learn that Five Elephant even has its roastery there, direct around the [...]

Driving a 2×4 in Namibia: our experience

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Our route through Namibia with a 2x4 We have chosen our route through Namibia carefully: we knew that it is sometimes not possible to drive some roads with a 2x4. Here is the map and our route: Windhoek Airport - Windhoek - Rietoog - Sesriem - Naukluft National Park (Dune 45 + Deadvlei + Sossuvlei) [...]

Two weeks in Sri Lanka: a dream trip. Before you go…

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This is the concluding post about our wonderful Sri Lanka trip in December 2017 – January 2018 and I would like to share with you several observations and impressions we had during our journey through this evergreen island. Sri Lankan Visa You most probably need an e-visa to visit Sri-Lanka. It is easy to apply online at [...]

Two weeks in Sri Lanka: a dream trip. Part 6: The Ella – Kandy train

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Without contemplating, I would say the Ella - Kandy train was indeed so far the most beautiful ride in my life. The landscape changes every dozen of kilometers and you pass by flourishing tea plantations, livid villages, followed by beautiful waterfalls and misty forests and you can’t get enough of them! Before we got [...]

Two weeks in Sri Lanka: a dream trip. Part 5: On the road in Ella

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We spent three nights in Ella and, frankly speaking, I don’t completely share the excitement of other travelers calling Ella a sweet, cozy village. Ella definitely has its charm, but it is not a small and quiet as many people say. Ella is overflown with tourists, touristic shops and restaurants, the traffic is heavy and so is pollution. However, [...]

Two weeks in Sri Lanka: a dream trip. Part 4: Safari in Yala

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Yala ( ) is probably the most famous (second big but the most visited) wild life park on Sri Lanka. After Tangalle, we planned to go to Ella and were considering to visit the Yala National Park on the way there. Luckily, the couple we met on the bus to Tangalle, Valery and Vladimir from London, [...]

Two weeks in Sri Lanka: a dream trip. Part 3: From Kandy to Sigiriya

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After not exhausting but still very long train ride from Ella (this part is yet to be written when the photos from our friend arrived) we were happy to spend a night at the 3-star hotel The Sovereign in Kandy. From there, we took a 20-minute walk into the city before the sunset and strolled along the Bogambara Lake [...]