French Antilles local food

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What should you try on French Antilles Local cuisine in Martinique and Guadeloupe is a rich mélange of West African, French, Indigenous, and South Asian flavours, foodstuffs, and cooking styles. As we were for long time on the islands, we have tried the following:  Starters Pâtés Créoles is puff pastry filled with spicy pulled pork, a [...]

Road trip through France: part 2

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... the first part about our road trip through France you can read here: LINK. Le Mont-Saint-Michel Probably, this tidal island in Normandy is one of the most well-known landmarks in France. Earlier, this was a monastery, a wealthy and influential abbey with impressive fortifications. It turned to prison after the French Revolution. Now, after extensive restoration, after [...]

Road trip through France: part 1

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Road trip through France During our campervan trip in the end of August - beginning of September 2020 we had two weeks to explore the central France and it's West coast. Le Mont-Saint-Michel and Étretat were on my bucket list for years by then. Those two destination points were fix on our plan. Other than that, the route [...]

Vacations on Rhodes

By | 2020-11-06T18:36:07+01:00 October 17th, 2020|

In July 2020 we spent one week on Rhodes. We stayed in a little village Pefkos, in the Stella Hotel. This was our first experience of a settled holiday (hotel, pool, restaurants, beach, all in one place) with a baby. To my surprise, this vacation was really relaxing. I even finished some books during our stay there, which is [...]

Living on a boat

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When we arrived in Sainte-Anne, Martinique, we noticed many boats standing in the bay. Back then we idly wondered, if the beaches were so nice in Sainte-Anne (yes, they are) that so many boats came to visit them. On the next day, at 7 am on the beach (thanks, Mia, for daily early morning wakeup [...]

Caravan travels: crawling baby

By | 2020-11-06T20:01:02+01:00 October 3rd, 2020|

We are back from yet another campervan trip with our daughte­r. Mia turned 7 mont­hs two days before our journey began and we spent two weeks on the road in France. Travell­ing with a crawling baby is a fairly dif­ferent experience th­an travelling with a rolling 4-months-o­ld baby in the sleep regression (you can read about it here Link), [...]

Caravan trip from Germany to Croatia

By | 2020-07-11T12:04:43+01:00 July 11th, 2020|

Going on a long trip during our parental leave, just the three of us, was not even brought to discussion: we knew that we would do it! We were playing with the thoughts of taking Route 66 through the USA or spending two months in Asia (Japan, mostly). Though the pandemic has significantly restricted our choices, we adapted [...]

Four gems of Slovenia

By | 2020-01-14T23:34:00+01:00 January 14th, 2020|

We have been on a trip through Austria, Croatia and Slovenia more than 2,5 days ago, but somehow I managed to write only one post about that trip: link. However, in my opinion, some places in Slovenia cannot be left out when you are planning your trip to that region; here are they: Ljubljana Ljubljana is the largest [...]

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