Girls trip in Iceland. Day three: Southern Iceland

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This day was a hard-driving day: we spent more than 5 hours on the road, 400 km driven. However, driving in Iceland was pleasant, even enjoyable. We switched at the wheel and made many sightseeing stops. Seljalandsfoss The first destination on the map was Seljalandsfoss, a high waterfall where you can walk behind the water. Parking costs [...]

Girls trip to Iceland. Day two: the Golden Circle

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Urridafoss Our second day we dedicated to the Iceland’s famous Golden Circle. We started with the waterfall Urridafoss, which was only fifteen-minute-drive from the Vatnsholt Guest House where we spent the first and the second night (highly recommended, their breakfast is fantastic). Iceland happens to be the location of Europe most impressive waterfalls. In total, there are about [...]

Berlin foodie: Breakfast at Roamers

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Roamers - Coffee & Booze "You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way" Address: Pannierstrasse 64, 12043 Berlin Today we had breakfast in one of the most popular and hip breakfast places in Berlin - Roamers. We arrived about 10 minutes before the cafe opens [...]

Poland: a weekend trip to Wrocław

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In the last eight months, I’ve been to Wrocław twice: in August, when the city was green and full of tourists, and last weekend, on the first real day of spring. This is a combined post from both trips as the places we’ve visited and photos we’ve taken supplement each other very well. For those who live in Berlin, [...]

Fairytale Apulia: Ostuni and Matera

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In these three days, we have been to Alberobello, Ostuni, Matera and Bari. We chose Alberobello as our base (read here  more about this enchanting city) and were able to reach all these cities by car within one hour. The roads in Apulia are anything else but crowded. In general, driving there was pleasant, however the streets [...]

Berlin foodie: Five Elephant. Mitte

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The cafe & bakery FIVE ELEPHANT. in Mitte (literally translated as "the middle" and in fact one of the most central areas of Berlin) was my second Five Elephant. visit. Another cafe of this brand in Berlin is located in Kreuzberg. I also was surprised to learn that Five Elephant even has its roastery there, direct around the [...]

A three-day road trip through the South of France

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The idea of visiting the South of France together was ripening in our heads since very long time. The current route came into realization when we found a great deal at a car rent agency (yes, yes, so pragmatic) letting us taking a three-days one-way drive from Nice to Toulouse. At the beach in Nice […]

Italy – a road trip around the Lake Garda

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On Thursday, June 8, our good friends got married in a little village next to Bergamo. This merry occasion was a great chance to prolong the weekend and to go on a road trip around the Lake Garda. Garda is stunning, and the short trip was absolutely worth it! Breathtaking views, clear water, cozy towns and delicious food: you will [...]

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