Italian Holidays: Bologna, San Marino, Rimini, Modena

By | 2021-08-22T18:40:12+01:00 August 22nd, 2021|

My husband starts a new job in July, so we had our last opportunity to have a family vacation for the next couple of months as he will be blocked by his probation period. We jumped on the relatively cheap flights with Ryanair to Bologna and spent a week in Emilia Romagna, Italy. I worked three days remotely and [...]

Fairytale Apulia: Ostuni and Matera

By | 2018-03-26T22:38:31+01:00 March 26th, 2018|

In these three days, we have been to Alberobello, Ostuni, Matera and Bari. We chose Alberobello as our base (read here  more about this enchanting city) and were able to reach all these cities by car within one hour. The roads in Apulia are anything else but crowded. In general, driving there was pleasant, however the streets [...]

Italy – a road trip around the Lake Garda

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On Thursday, June 8, our good friends got married in a little village next to Bergamo. This merry occasion was a great chance to prolong the weekend and to go on a road trip around the Lake Garda. Garda is stunning, and the short trip was absolutely worth it! Breathtaking views, clear water, cozy towns and delicious food: you will [...]

Sunny Sicilian getaway

By | 2017-10-10T20:31:33+01:00 April 7th, 2017|

Especially now, when the weather in Berlin makes us dreaming about better (read: warmer) place, it is so satisfying – thinking about last long weekend on Sicily. We had such luck with the wetter, bright sun and clear blue skyes three days out of four, temperatures over 18 degrees, everything blossoming and pleasantly smelling… This all was as a bonus to [...]

A spontaneous weekend-trip to Venice and Bologna

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The power of words and thoughts is often underestimated. One week before, when we were in Colmar, I recklessly compared Colmar to Venice thus provoking a small discussion with a couple of friends if Venice better indeed and when is the best time to go there. On the road in Venice […]

Benvenuti a Napoli

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A weekend trip to the south of Italy. Naples is absolutely worth it. Less words, more photos. The essense in 5 abstracts. The best view to the city is from the viewing point in the medieval Castle Sant'Elmo that is situated in the uptowm (you can reach it with one of three funiculars). From above you can see the island [...]

Weekend trip to Lombardy: Milan and Bergamo

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With Milan we definitely don’t have a match. Last time I’ve been there it was over Christmas, all shops and restaurants were closed, it was raining and everything but Duomo was grey. Last weekend I decided to give this city the second chance, because, in general, I like Italy a lot. Here are a couple of my personal tips and [...]