A weekend trip to the south of Italy. Naples is absolutely worth it. Less words, more photos. The essense in 5 abstracts.

  1. The best view to the city is from the viewing point in the medieval Castle Sant’Elmo that is situated in the uptowm (you can reach it with one of three funiculars).
    From above you can see the island Capri as well (the one to the right).
    The castle itself has a light oriental fleur…
  2. Naples is the homeland of Pizza. Indeed, delicious. To our astonishment, the places with the best rating on the Tripadvisor were takeaways. The line in front of them was impressing.
    A surpise for me was the revellation that Rum Baba (ромовая баба) so loved by Russians is a typical italian sweet.
  3. Pompeii. Easy to reach with a train from Naples Central station. Be aware that the last admittance to the site is 15 o’clock, closure time – 17 o’clock. Probably, because of the absence of artificial backlight. You will need around 2-3 hours to walk through the area.

    It you want to combine the trip with the mount Vesuvius, leave Naples early in the morning. The last bus from Pompeii to Vesuvius goes at about 14 o’clock. The one-way ride lasts 50 minutes.

  4. The stories about thievery are true. Keep your belongings close to you and watch out. Especially during the pre-Christmas time. The streets in the old city are incredibly full with tourists and locals. Here you can find anything you want for your home decoration.
  5. The city is eclectic, buzzy and still very attractive. Narrow streets and vivid atmosphere, stuff of all types sold on every corner, emotionalб loud and cheerful italians. Unforgettable. Repeatable.





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