Tunisia during off-season: Dougga, Tunis, Monastir

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Dougga UNESCO believes that Dougga represents "the best-preserved Roman small town in North Africa". Indeed, this archaeological site is located two-hour drive from the major cities and therefore was protected from the intrusion of the modern urbanization. Dougga’s impressive size, its well-preserved monuments and its deep Berber, Punic, ancient Roman and Byzantine history make it exceptional. [...]

Tunisia during off-season: Sidi Bou Said and Carthage

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Sidi Bou Said From the place we stayed in La Marsa, Tunisia, we walked to Sidi Bou Said. The visit to this dreamy white-blue city with a sea view filled my heart with joy. After being there, I don’t need to go to the famous Santorini anymore. You will not miss the main shopping street, Rue Habib Thameur. [...]

Tunisia during off-season: Djerba

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We booked our Tunisian holidays in order to get rid of my „rest-vacation-days“ from the last year. The destination has been chosen according to the flight time (not longer than 4 hours from Berlin and from Paris as we were visiting a friend the weekend before the planned departure), ticket costs, temperatures higher than in Berlin and vague remarks [...]