Iran. Part 2: about the right dress-code, correct behavior, hotels and photography

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Dress-code (for ladies) Probably, the most exciting subject for those who thinks of going to Iran. Dress-code for women exists, that’s true. However, it is not so strict as many of us imagine. Quran demands some level of modesty from both men and women. Hijab – a scarf that covers head and shoulders and therefore prevents women from direct gazes [...]

Yet undiscovered Iran… Intro

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Iran... A trip over Silvester to Iran. Why not? Let's start by dispelling some popular myths. - Unsafe? (this question was asked by 95% of my friends) - Not true, according to a risk map Iran is even safer than my homeland. Don't mix Iran with its neighbour country similar in sound - Iraq. Besides, according to our own feelings, Iran [...]