We took a train in Central Java twice: from Jakarta to Bandung and from Bandung to Yogyakarta. The experience was pleasurable. We booked a ticket at the ticket counter (“Loket”) at the train station and payed for it with a credit card. All service workers were friendly and very helpful.

KAI is the sole operator of public railways in Indonesia and keeps its trains and tracks in good condition. KAI has four comfort classes: economy, business, executive and premium. Economy speaks for itself, premium is the highest class. We rode executive class both trips and paid about 30 Euro per person for 8 hours ride.

At the train station there is a waiting area and even a video games corner. What I liked particularly at the station is that the escalator is a band, not the stairs, which makes it convenient (or at all possible) to ride it with a stroller.

The scenery was fascinating during the journey: juicy-green rice fields and platforms were changed by the jungle, rivers and little villages. Pure joy for the eyes! Even for 8 long hours.
The seat itself was very comfortable, with foldable backrest, a footrest, a folding table and a electricity plug to charge your phone.

During the trip, service workers were collecting trash several time and offered drinks and snacks to buy.

Announcements were given in two languages, in Indonesian and in English, so you’ll not miss your station because you don’t speak the local language.

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